Kangana Vs Hrithik : Mumbai Police Summons Hrithik Roshan


Guwahati: Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan on Saturday was summoned by Mumbai Police’s Crime Branch to record a statement in connection to his 2016 complaint about fake e-mails in his name to Kangana Ranaut.

The actor had been asked to visit the Crime Intelligence Unit (CIU) at the Commissioner’s office, an official reportedly said.

According to reports Hrithik had an affair with Kangana for a brief period of time which didn’t end well. Both of them had an ugly spat which resulted in the biggest war in the history of Bollywood. 

In 2016, Hrithik had filed a complaint alleging that someone had impersonated him and exchanged conversation with Kangana. However, Kangana slammed him and said that the email ID was provided to her by Hrithik and she had communicated via mail till 2014.

In 2016, the Mumbai Police’s cyber cell had asked Hrithik to deposit his laptop and phone for further investigation. Later, the case was transferred to the CIU from Mumbai Police’s cyber cell.

Recently, Kangana reacted to the transfer of the case to CIU in December 2020 and tweeted, “His sob story starts again, so many years since our break up and his divorce but he refuses to move on, refuses to date any woman, just when I gather the courage to find some hope in my personal life he starts the same drama again, @iHrithik. Kab tak royega ek chote se affair keliye (When will you stop crying over a small affair)?”


Here is a timeline of what had happened:

What ‘silly ex’ comment turned into

Kangana’s silly-ex comment turned into the ugliest tug of war in Bollywood. It can be recalled, in 2016, speculation was doing rounds that Hrithik had removed Kangana from Aashiqui 3. In an interview, Kangana had called Hrithik her ‘silly ex’ and the battle began.

The Twitter fight began

With the ‘silly ex’ comment didn’t go down too well with Hrithik, he took a dig at Kangana on Twitter and said that he would rather date Pope than any of the women the media has been naming’.

Hrithik slapped Kangana with legal notice

On February 26, 2016, Hrithik slapped Kangana Ranaut with a legal notice for defaming him publicly. The notice was sent by Hrithik’s advocate Deepesh Mehta which stated that Kangana has been trying to insult and malign Hrithik’s image in the film industry and publicly. In his statement, Hrithik mentioned that he had no relationship with Kangana and that she was trying to propagate false ideas and gain publicity.

Kangana responds…

The Queen actress came back with a strong reaction and replied with a 21-page response. In her notice, she stated that everything happened with the consent of both of them.

Here’s what Hrithik has said about the alleged mails

Hrithik said that he met Kangana on May 24, 2014, at Karan Johar’s birthday bash. As per reports, Kangana had thanked Hrithik for appreciating her performance in Queen. On this, Hrithik mentioned that he hadn’t mailed her and filed a complaint with Mumbai Police’s Cyber cell about someone impersonating him. Hrithik later in his notice to Kangana through his advocate stated that he had not congratulated Kangana for her performance in Queen. However, he gave his real email ID to her then. Upon receiving his real ID, Kangana allegedly sent him a barrage of emails and he ignored all the emails (a total of 1439)
even though it amounted to mental health and stress; mentioned Hrithik in his notice.

Kangana’s version of the mails

Kangana, however, said that Hrithik only provided her with the email ID. In her notice, she said that Hrithik wanted to communicate through a new email ID because of his impending divorce. She also accused Hrithik of hacking her email ID and deleting all the emails sent by

The war turned messier

The Kangana Vs Hrithik war turned messier in May 2016 as reports started doing rounds that Hrithik had brought a ring to propose Kangana in Paris. However, Hrithik’s spokesperson had denied the reports. It turned into a legal battle in 2017 and Kangana allegedly revealed her relationship with Hrithik. She alleged that Hrithik was afraid of publicly accepting their relationship because he was still married to Sussanne Khan and wanted to portray the image of a family man in public. Kangana also had told that she had asked for Rakesh Roshan’s help in 2015 and he had promised her help. However, he alleged that Sr Roshan had gone back in his words.

Hrithik responds to Kangana’s alleged relationship statement

Hrithik decided to put an end to the speculation through a long post on Facebook on October 5, 2017. However, he didn’t name Kangana in his post. He denied proposing Kangana in Paris and clarified that his passport has no European stamp as per Kangana’s claim of him proposing to her during the time frame.

Later, even Kangana and Hrithik’s war continued. Hrithik called Kangana a bully in an interview in 2018. Kangana took a dig in 2020 and said that while Hrithik lives in a rented house, Kangana owns her home and office.