Just the girl next door who loves aesthetic – Maria Slusnyte


Guwahati: Maria Slusnyte was crowned Miss Europe World in 2017. She lived her dreams, she is the real example of dreams come true.  She belongs from the small town of Lithuania, Kaunas. At 14 Maria started her modeling career, she was dotted down by an agency in her localities through her social media handle. She now considers London, UK her home, as she moved out of her home down a long back after her high school to pursue her career in modeling further. She went to Milan from her hometown for it.

Maria loves aesthetics.

Maria is just like any other girl we see. She loves to hang about working out, fasting, learning about anti-aging nutrition, reading biographies and self-improvement books, and meditating. She is the person who loves being aesthetic. For her it’s all about skincare, makeup, taking care of herself.  She once stated,”I am all about beauty and harmony in all aspects of my life.”

She admire strengths and abilities of other women.

Being a woman herself she says she admires the strength, ability, courage and zeal of never giving up on every woman. Her mother was more into the household chaos, basically a housewife. Taking care of family. She could never have imagined herself doing the same. Her dreams were different.  Though she have all the respect for her and the strength and ability of her.

One should do what they love to.

 She believes a women should do what she loves. A woman also has a right to choose her career. It can be staying home or going out and working.

Beauty is not just about makeup.

For her the beauty of a woman can not only be judged by the way she dresses but the ethics, hairs, her skin, communication abilities etc also play a very important part. Giving time to oneself and taking care of our body is very important according to Maria. One should always take time for it.

Of course,  beauty comes from within but one has to cherish it and maintain it. No matter how busy you are, make a little time for yourself.  A woman who takes care of herself is totally different for her. As that’s what makes her feminine says Maria.