John McAfee appreciates ace bitcoin investor Atsushi Hisatsumi in the cryptocurrency world.


John McAfee appreciates ace bitcoin investor Atsushi Hisatsumi in the cryptocurrency world.

The former even tweeted about the latter, saying how well he organized the Japan Blockchain Conference.

It takes a lot to set a firm foot into one’s chosen industry, as the path to success always calls for innumerable challenges and can even test a person’s patience to the core. But when individuals work with consistent efforts, hustle every day, make careful choices and learn to implement something new in their work, innovations are bound to occur. Inspiring the world as one such great innovator, businessman, a rising leader in crypto and bitcoin investor is Atsushi Hisatsumi. This 37-year-old businessman is the brain behind “Patron,” which is the sharing economy for influencers.

Patron as a platform levels the playing field by eradicating the unfair advantage of influencer marketing that big brands have been reluctant to share. John McAfee, the world-renowned British-American computer programmer, recently appreciated Atsushi Hisatsumi, known as the first Japanese investor in bitcoin. The former believed and had once said that he was the best talent in the world of crypto. However, today he appreciates Atsushi Hisatsumi, for he is enthralled by his talents in the same. John McAfee even tweeted about the same, saying that he had organized the Japan Blockchain Conference, but his friend Atsushi Hisatsumi, the founder of Patron, helped him organize it better. He confesses that the youngster is a smart personality, which is why he thought to add the blockchain to influencers’ tools. Forbes even named him in the top 10 in crypto.

The current badge project recommended by Atsushi Hisatsumi was the last project John McAfee wanted to make a reality, and his friend Atsushi Hisatsumi invested 20 million USD of money in making the project a reality, It is touted as the first-class service by first-class communicators.

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