Guwahati: Massive Fire breaks out at Jalukbari


GUWAHATI: A massive fire broke out at a house near Jalukbari flyover on Saturday afternoon after multiple cylinder blasts were reported in the spot.

According to sources, atleast 20 cylinders blew up at the site burning down many houses and properties nearby.

Fire tenders reached the spot immediately and later at around 04:00 PM the fire was doused. No casualty has been reported so far.

“Over 50 houses were gutted in fire in the incident. The blaze started from a makeshift bamboo house where a tenant cooking in his kitchen accidentally spread the fire. I have counted 16 cyclinder blasts myself and people told me that atleast four cylinders blew up before my arrival. The fire destroyed all the houses in the premises. Not even a single property was recovered. One of my friend used to stay there and we were only able to save his refrigerator, except that everything was gutted in fire,” said Biki Ali, a local resident.

“Now the people are in misery so we few local guys have decided to donate them blankets and cold clothes,” Ali added.