ISIS trio arrested from lodge in Goalpara, were in final stages of executing terror blueprint


GUWAHATI, Nov 26: Had the joint team of Delhi and Goalpara Police failed to get hold of the three ISIS terrorists, the trio might have succeeded in triggering the IED at the crowded Raas festival venue. And what might have been the result will leave goosebumps in everyone of us.

The three terrorists planning to trigger explosions at the Dudhnoi Raas venue were almost ready to execute their deadly plan and were camping at a lodge in Goalpara for their ‘final assault’, News Live has learnt.

The trio, two of them cousins, had move into room number 102 of Madhuban Lodge located in College Road of Goalpara town.

The room, according to the lodge’s register book, was booked in the name of Luit Jameel Jamal with the trio moving into the lodge on Saturday (Nov 23), a day prior to their arrest.

It was from here that they intended to execute their terror blueprint. Fortunately, the trio had been in the radar of police and was taken into custody from the lodge before they could plant the timed IED at the Dudhnoi Raas festival venue.

Luit Jameel Jamal is 12th pass and was working as a supervisor at the Aadhar enrollment centre in Punjab National Bank in Goalpara. He had earlier worked at a private company in Chennai.

Mukadir Islam, Jamal’s cousin, was also 12th pass and used to run an e-rickshaw.

Ranjeet Islam, the third arrested terrorist, was a fish seller in Krishnai who also worked as an electrician.

Meanwhile, Assam Police said Luit Jameel Jamal used to search the internet for information on ISIS and that his WhatsApp and Facebook accounts were under the radar of Delhi Police.

Police also said Ranjeet Islam had recently visited Guwahati where he had met a Bangladeshi national.