Is Lightning dice a hidden live casino games leader?


Among the variety of all games in online casinos, it is easy to get lost even for an experienced gambler. But there are games that can be safely advised to everyone – from beginners to gamblers with vast experience. And Lightning dice live is one of those.

Let’s find out as much as possible about this game because it’s worth it. A small spoiler – you can quickly and easily win an impressive amount of money here. 

Therefore, casino users often prefer this entertainment, and we can safely say that the Lightning dice live game is a gray horse of the gambling market. So we share the secrets that you will be the first to know! 

Lightning dice live history 

Lightning dice live is a seemingly simple dice game with a chance to win huge payouts, developed by the legendary provider Evolution. This company has an unspoken title of “number one provider” for games with live dealers among gambling market professionals.

Evolution is the owner of the top awards in the gambling industry, and they have an almost impeccable reputation. Their product immediately attracted the attention of all the top online casinos, appeared on the pages of, and won users’ hearts.

The main advantages of Lightning dice live, for which all players love this product:

  • the opportunity to win really big money
  • simple rules
  • fast-paced game
  • charismatic and charming presenters

The benefits don’t end up there! In order to fully experience all the game’s advantages, you need to play it at least once. 

How does Lightning dice live work?

Lightning dice live is a game where a player has to predict the result of rolling three dice. The game host throws three dice into a plastic container; they slide inside, fall to the bottom, and a total number from 3 to 18 falls out.

By the way, like other Evolution Gaming games, the host is one of the main features of the game. Charismatic and charming, he comments on all aspects of the game. It is worth playing Lightning dice live only to have a great time in the presenter’s company. 

After all, the Evolution provider knows perfectly well how to turn a classic casino game into an incredible performance with the help of cool hosts.

Lightning dice live is a very fast-paced game, as every 30 seconds, the whole process starts over again. Moreover, for online casino players who do not keep up with such a rhythm, there is a “Repeat Bet” button in the game; with its help, they can immediately repeat the previously selected numbers. 

Lightning dice live strategies 

As in every popular game, there are numerous strategies here. Of course, the Lightning dice game is a game where the outcome mostly depends on luck. But experienced users here also try to predict the result mathematically and calculate what must be done in order to get the maximum win.

For example, players will receive the highest payout rate if they bet on 3 or 18. On average, these numbers fall out the least because, in each case, only one combination of numbers on three dice is possible – 3 x 1 or 3 x 6. In each of these cases, you will receive large payouts – 150 to 1).

The house edge in cases where 3 and 18 falls is 3.79%. At the same time, the house edge in all other cases is 3.97%. We have a difference of 0.18%. In practice, we see that this is a very remarkable difference, and it makes sense to bet on these numbers if you plan to bet long persistently on them.

Also popular and at the same time controversial is the bet on all numbers at once. Some gamblers praise it, and some don’t. Well, lady luck anyway has the last word! Trust her – and then the outcome will be exactly in your favor!