Introducing Yung Dub D, a rising hip-hop artist and rapper, well-known for his beat making


Rising hip-hop artist and rapper Yung Dub D is the new sensation to the music industry.  we very well know survival in the music industry is quite difficult. with continuous changes in the preference of music by people, it is quite difficult for a new artist to survive. Yung Dub D proved otherwise. His next album, which will soon be released on the 17th of September, is also going to stick with the classic Yung Dub D style and is sure to blow away your mind with incredible lyricism and a banging rhythm.

Who is Yung Dub D then? Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Yung Dub D or also known as KedricDewonBattee is a performer with a unique taste in music. He has worked with different artists like DJ Cinemax, DJ Tom Cruise, DJ Official, DJ Mad lurk, and many more. he is a young talent full of emery. he is known for his offbeat style. Since childhood, Kedric went through a lot of struggles and hurdles. he lost his father when he was just 6 years old. the pain of losing his old man inspired him to be a rapper. He believes throughout his journey that his father always has remained his companion.

Yung Dub D is known for his heartfelt lyrics.  According to his fans, every word of the song incites many emotions in the person listening to his music. Yung Dub D is a passionate artist, producer and songwriter, whose music so far has been loved by all and have also earned him thousands of views and streams across major platforms. As a rapper, his amazing skills have gone ahead in creating his unique niche in the music game, as unique as his name.

Yung Dub D has paved the way for all those artists who want to be an artist. He has gained quite a lot of recognition through his work. His skills in utilizing the virtues of modern days day musical elements makes him stand out in this vast competitive Industry. Currently, he looks forward to being a global star and become one of the top rappers present in the industry by improving his skills. He is working hard on his upcoming album whose details will soon be released to the public.

Check out the mix-tape releasing on 17th September and stay tuned for more of Yung Dub D’s work on Spotify (link given below)

To know more about Yung Dub D, you can check his Instagram (link given below)