Introducing industry’s first fully animated 3D NFT ready to take on the digital asset space – ZINU.


Providing a royalty free license, it is all set to become one interesting project which will strike it right, once it sets foot.

The year 2021 has been an impressive one for digital assets, as their sales have spruced up big time. The NFT space has been on a constant rise, having made their strong foothold in the collectibles market, which is predicted to grow to newer heights in 2022. This growing trend has given a big boost to the industry with many players introducing innovative projects, much to the amazement of all. Out of the many recent projects, one drew our attention owing to its spectacular concept which makes it stand out from the rest, we are talking about ZINU, a cryptocurrency project that is designed to completely revolutionize the industry.

ZINU is the industry’s first fully animated 3D NFT that can walk, flip, dance and perform a variety of movements. It comprises of trillions of unique 3D full-motion zombified character combinations, with a total of 10,000 total NFTs that will be minted to the blockchain. It also consists of the Zombie Mob Secret Society (ZMSS), where each NFT within it is unique and distinctive from the other. Holders get the opportunity to own a completely different character which has its own unique traits and characteristics. ZINU has already amassed a strong 40,000+ community members, where each of them are totally in awe of the characters.

The kind of impact that these characters have made will very well see them in everything from apparel to toys to games to films in the future, as they are bound to create a deep impact in people’s minds. The creators of ZINU are confident that the project will zoom off right from the start as it has the potential to make it big, and the kind of following it has garnered till date is enough proof of it. Furthermore, the project has also tied up with REV3AL, as the first NFT project to use its digital anti-counterfeiting and copyright protection technology that adds the company’s proprietary patent-pending REV3AL layers onto each of ZINU’s NFTs.