Interact with your favorite celebrities on Bonuz, a revolutionary celebrity-fan token ecosystem


Interaction with your favourite celebrities is now possible! To make the interaction completely real between the influencers and their fans and followers, Bonuz has been launched.

Bonuz is World’s first Celebrity Token Ecosystem and Launchpad which helps make the interaction real. The Bonuz project’s Eco-System is built on the Solana Blockchain as it provides instant high speed and has almost free cost for the transactions for millions of users. The internal token of the Bonuz Project is developed on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain and its name is $BONUZ. It also provides highly scalable easy mainstream adoption.

All the creators, influencers, and fans come together and experience this very new way to connect, where there will be no monopolies and also you’ll have full control over everything. In return, fans can skip overpaying for subscriptions and recurring fees connecting with celebrities is a cherry on the cake. Bonuz gives all the participants unlimited freedom.
There are 1,000,000,000 $BONUZ in the Bonuz Ecosystem. The Seed, Private, and Public Rounds, as well as the Team, Advisors, Marketing, and Reserve, are all locked and vested for a period of up to 48 months. They also have major partner and investors such as Dubai Blockchain Center, Block pass, Vista Group, Eco X Dubai, The Moon, Hacken, Pennfords, DavinciJ15, Aras Group, MEMMOS, Proof Of Fusion, MMCrypto, Eljaboom and others.

Buying exceptional content, souvenirs, NFTs and getting rewarded for reselling them in the coming future. Those days are gone when it was very difficult for fans to meet their favourite celebrities and get to talk to them as much as impossible but not anymore. The Bonuz team is here to solve all the issues! They have built a shuttle to fulfil your dreams.

Bonuz not just benefits the fans and viewers, they also have a lot for the Celebrities too. Celebrities here also win as the Bonuz ecosystem rewards them with royalties every time their tokens are listed and traded on the Bonuz marketplace.

Matthias Mende is the founder of Bonuz. As a true crypto evangelist, he had big dreams about Bonuz and had been planning it for a long time. He’s a well-known entrepreneur who believes that the Bonuz ecosystem will truly change how celebrities and their fans interact. Is it the biggest anticipated meta verse celebrity and NFT AR project?

In spite of the popularity that other subscription services have these days, there are many other factors that influence the reasons why they become a difficult business model to sustain. Matthias being an influencer himself and running an agency for influencers,, he knew the challenges and difficulties associated with these platforms when it comes to interacting with their fans.