Injured Mariani elephant pulled out of rivulet 36 hours after being hit by speeding train dies


The elephant which had been in the news for battling acute pain and death for over 48 hours, has breathed her last.

The female elephant which had been injured in an accident had been lying in the waters of the Kharikatiya river and had been writhing with pain for almost 24 hours with no help coming from the forest department for a long time.

Later yesterday, the forest department carried out a rescue mission and successfully managed to carry the elephant out of the river and take her to the forest office of the Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary where she was given treatment. But late last night, the unfortunate pachyderm finally gave in and lost the battle of life.

It may be mentioned here that the elephant was reportedly left to be on its own by forest officials after they provided medical aid following the accident.

However, the poor jumbo later slipped into the nearby river and had been struggling to get up.

Earlier, locals pitched in to feed the elephant from the river bank. Locals also alleged the lackadaisical attitude of the forest department officials toward the elephant.

Meanwhile, now questions are being raised as to who is responsible for the poor elephant’s death. Locals had been alleging from yesterday that the forest department is paying little to no attention to the elephant even as it lay in the river writhing in pain.

So is the forest department responsible for the elephant’s death? Or is it the railway department’s fault that is making railway lines in elephant corridors and not making any effort to control the movement of trains? Answers are being sought in this regard.