Indira Nagar ka Gunda: Rahul Dravid’s new ‘angry’ avatar


Guwahati: A commercial managed to do what the fiercest bowlers and toughest competition couldn’t — get Rahul Dravid to lose his cool.

In an advertisement for the credit card bill payment app Cred, the former India captain battles the Bengaluru traffic snarls and rages behind the wheel. The video has garnered over 3 million views across social platforms in less than a day and has sent a lot more wondering: “Rahul Dravid ko gussa bhi aata hai?

The always affable Dravid laughing and shouting like a maniac, smashing rearview mirrors and throwing coffee, is a brilliant play on his persona. The less than 15 menacing seconds on-screen subverts expectations and public image of the 48-year-old.

The commercial certainly left those who know Dravid amused. The dark turn even took India captain Virat Kohli, known to wear his emotions on his sleeve, by surprise.

“Never seen this side of Rahul bhai,” tweeted India captain Virat Kohli with an exploding head emoji.