India’s only golden tiger spotted in Kaziranga


Guwahati: A picture of a Golden tiger spotted in Kaziranga, Assam, has left netizens amazed after it went viral on social media. It is the only golden tiger currently known to be alive in India. Shared by Indian Forest Officer Parveen Kaswan, the pictures of the Golden tiger, also known as ‘Tabby tiger’ or ‘Strawberry tiger’, were clicked by wildlife photographer Mayuresh Hendre.

“Do you know in #India we have a Golden #Tiger also. The only documentation of such big cat in 21st century on the planet,” Kaswan tweeted while posting the viral pic.

He further tweeted that the animal is very rare and the golden colour is due to a “recessive gene”, which gets expressed due to extensive inbreeding. Unlike the Royal Bengal tiger, it has red and brown stripes and has a pale golden colour.