Hyderabad start-up made apparel that can resist temperature upto 1000 degrees Celsius


Hyderabad: A start-up in Hyderabad has made a unique apparel ‘Tardigrade’ which can withstand an extreme temperature range of -200 degrees Celsius to 1000 degrees Celsius.

CEI Veera Labs told ANI that ‘Tardigrade’ has a great property from preventing a person from pathogens (bacteria and viruses) by destroying them on contact and can be used by volcano climbers.

“I am India’s first and only volcanic climber who climbs erupting volcanoes. In 2018 I established Veera labs a defence tech startup based out of Hyderabad and assembled a team of engineers with a sole intention of developing a durable soft composite which can protect the wearer from extreme temperatures and conditions. I and my team have successfully developed the same in 2019 September and have tested multiple prototypes since then,” said Sai Teja Peddineni, CEI Veera Labs. (ANI)