HSLC candidate from Nagaon circulated edited HSLC Geography question paper from last year, police teams on his lookout: Ranoj Pegu


GUWAHATI, March 18: An HSLC candidate from Nagaon has been identified as the person who circulated the edited Geography question paper and claimed to be it to be the one set by the Secondary Education Board of Assam (SEBA) for the examination scheduled for Monday, Assam Education Minister Dr. Ranuj Pegu said today.

A student of Uttaran Academy appearing in this year’s HSLC examination and a resident of Nagaon town, had edited last year’s question paper, replaced last year’s tag with this year, and circulated it among 225 persons through a WhatsApp group he had created.

After the HSLC candidate circulated the edited paper, it added to more controversy with the SEBA, which conducts the HSLC examination, coming under more fire amid speculations of another question paper leak.

SEBA came out with a quick clarification with Nayanjyoti Sarmah, SEBA’s Controller of Examinations, confirming to News Live that the edited question paper was from the examination held last year and that there was no leak and the said examination will be held as per schedule on Monday (March 20).

Assam Education minister Ranoj Pegu also took to social media and tweeted two images, one that of the original Geography question paper set last year along with the morphed one circulated by Masoom Ali.

An FIR has been lodged against the youth and police teams are already on the move to apprehend and arrest him, Pegu said.