How Vishal Jain’s passion for music catapulted his career to dizzying heights


His love towards the craft has led him to be a force in the music industry

Follow your passion to make a great career is an advice that is often overplayed today, as it is said constantly, but people still tend to ignore this part and settle for something less than they deserve. For Vishal Jain, his love for music drove him to conquer the realm, which is evident with his work today. It was very apparent at an early point in Vishal’s life that his passion for music had set him up for sustained success in the industry going forward. Given all of his musical abilities, he was destined for success, and he took up getting into the root of this craft to have a deep understanding which would help him establish a stable career in the music industry.

This music professional also has deep interests in modelling and has tried his hands at it, succeeding to some extent, with him having grabbed a few plum assignments which will take his career zooming upwards. He is also popular on social media, having a steady stream of followers who are awe struck by his lifestyle as he’s found taking selfies on the most desired travel locations of the world. Till date, he has launched three songs which have done exceedingly well, much to his surprise. “I’m overwhelmed by the response I have received for my work, and it gives enough motivation to give much better music in the next offerings,” says the music producer who has struck gold in his first ever attempt at music.

When asked about how does he feel to be accepted by the audiences, he says, “The music industry is extremely competitive, and you have to be on your toes to give your best as there are many others who are as talented as you are and to have an edge, you need to stand out from the crowd. I have always tried to have a certain kind of uniqueness in my work which has worked wonders, especially in my case, and getting such warm response from music lovers is indeed a big task accomplished.”

To know more, connect with his Instagram: @vishaljain.