Home ministry office in Delhi gets bomb threat mail


First it was Delhi schools, then came the airport, now the mail threatens to blow up the Ministry Of Home Affairs, under the control of Home Minister Amit Shah.

The cops ran a search through the red-stone building, situated in North bloc, the seat of power. Nothing suspicious was found, said a source, who did not wish to be named.

A senior officer in the Ministry, said the source, received the threatening mail.

The cops were informed about it at around 3 in the afternoon.

The bomb threat emails received by around 150 schools in Delhi-NCR early this month are suspected to have been sent from Hungary’s capital Budapest, Delhi Police officials said on Tuesday.

Delhi Police will soon be contacting its counterpart in Hungary for further investigation, said an official.

The mail had claimed that explosives were planted on the school premises, triggering evacuations and searches as panic-stricken parents rushed to pick up their children on May 1.

It was later declared as a hoax as nothing objectionable was found from the schools.