Here’s why there will be no meat at this year’s Golden Globe Awards dinner


Washington D.C.: At this year’s 77th Golden Globe Awards, almost 1,300 Hollywood guests will be served with a plant-based feast for the pre-show dinner at the historic The Beverly Hilton Hotel.

The feast will be plant-based, a decision made regarding climate change by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, reported CNN.

The company is a non-profit organization that makes film and TV luminaries accessible on the Globes.

Lorenzo Soria, President of the organization, told CNN that, “The climate crisis is impossible to ignore and after speaking with our peers, and friends in the community, we felt challenged to do better. The decision to serve an entirely plant-based meal was embraced by our partners at the Beverly Hilton, and represents a small step in response to a big problem.”

The Beverly Hilton has hosted the Golden Globes forty-nine times for the last forty-five years in a row.

In a statement to CNN, Matthew Morgan who is an Executive Chef at The Beverly Hilton said: “Our talented culinary team is excited to create dynamic plant-based offerings for Hollywood’s best of the best.”

Although the meat was excluded from the menu, the chefs won’t be making any comprises as far as the luxury of the feast in concerned.

Guests will be served a vibrant chilled golden beet soup topped with shaved candy-striped beets and pistachios, CNN said in its report.

For the main course, mushrooms are taking centre stage, featured in King Oyster mushroom “scallops” and wild mushroom risotto.

In a final flourish, a vegan opera dome dessert will be the sweet dish.

A team of 11 cooks, 120 culinary experts, 50 bartenders, 160 stewards and 250 servers will try to ensure the night’s meal and each of the hotel’s five after-parties goes off without a catch.

According to CNN, the chef also claimed in a statement that the show also took steps to remove single-use plastic bottles and water bottles as well as to make vegetables the highlight of pre-show dinner.

“We’re hoping to raise awareness around small changes that can have a greater impact. We know awards shows have a long way to go, and we all can do better,” Lorenzo added. (ANI)