Haryana: Man fined Rs 23,000 for not wearing helmet by Gurugram Police


Gurugram (Haryana): Beware before you break traffic rules in the Gurugram area of Haryana as Dinesh Madan a scooter rider was fined Rs 23,000 for not wearing a helmet and not carrying Registration Certificate (RC) by the traffic police here on Monday.

“I was not wearing a helmet and did not have the Registration Certificate (RC). Traffic police asked me to give my scooty’s key to them but I denied. Immediately the traffic police personnel printed a challan of Rs 23,000 and seized my vehicle. The value of my scooty is around 15,000. I even got a copy of RC on WhatsApp from home but by then he had printed the challan,” said Dinesh Madan.

He further appealed that the amount of the fine should be relaxed and pledged to always carry his documents.

“The amount could have been less if he had waited for a while. I want that fine should be relaxed. From now on, I will always carry my documents,” he said.

“Yes, he was fined Rs 23,000 as he was not carrying the documents. We have fined three more people today with this charge. But there is also a provision that the person can come to the police station and present the documents after which the fine might be waived off,” said Manoj Kumar, Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police (ASI), Gurugram Traffic Police.

He further informed that the new traffic rules have been implemented in the state from September 1. With this, the fines have been increased. The traffic police are doing awareness campaigns to inform the public and also putting fines so that the public follows the traffic rules. (ANI)