Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe: Best movies of ‘Harry Potter’ star


Guwahati: Daniel Jacob Radcliffe is one of the most famous English actors worldwide, best known for playing Harry Potter in the Harry Potter film series. He is dedicated to his craft and is a marvelous actor, a fact reflected in his remarkable career.

Daniel Radcliffe celebrates his 32nd birthday on July 23.

Born and raised in London, Radcliffe started as a child actor at age ten in television film ‘David Copperfield’ in 1999. Two years later, he starred in the first Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. He played the main character of the series for the next seven installments.

He became a teenage cultural icon and amassed a huge fan following with the popularity of the movies, being the second richest teenager in Britain after Prince Harry at one point. His flawless acting and brilliant understanding of depth has helped him attain worldwide fame, popularity, and critical acclaim, as well as several accolades for his performance.

The Woman in Black

Based on the novel of the same name by celebrated British horror author Susan Hill, this film was set in a remote English village called Crythin Gifford in 1889. Radcliffe played the role of a young lawyer called Arthur Kipps, who has an infant son but no wife. He is sent to Crythin Gifford by his law firm to bring any documents of one Alice Drablow, the deceased owner of a manor-like house. He, of course, finds more than he bargained for. The film has a distinctive gloomy atmosphere and is suitably scary, but it is Radcliffe’s restrained performance that is the highlight of the movie.


The horror-comedy film Horns is one of the weirder things Radcliffe has done. Based on the eponymous novel by Stephen King’s son Joe Hill, Horns has the girlfriend of Radcliffe’s character being raped and murdered. The press declares him guilty anyway, despite his protests. One morning, he wakes up with two horns sticking out of his head. Things get even weirder soon enough. The film is not perfect but is a solid showcase of Daniel Radcliffe’s theatrical talent.

Swiss Army Man

In this A24 film, the hallowed halls of many a great indie film in the 21st century, Radcliffe plays the role of a corpse that can speak in this surreal, weird, and yet somehow enthralling film.

Guns Akimbo

Now, here is where things get really weird. In this movie, Radcliffe’s character Miles Lee Harris is forced to take part in a real-life deathmatch in which he has to take down the deadliest opponent of the “game” — Samara Weaving’s Nix. Compounding Harris’ troubles are a pair of guns are bolted to his hands.

The F Word

Unlike the last three off-the-wall films, this one is a more straightforward, traditional type: romantic-comedy. However, it deserves its place on this list because it is a sweet, funny, and well-acted flick that should not be missed by Daniel Radcliffe fans.