Hand-rolled Tripura tea sold at record price of Rs 12,500 per kg


GUWAHATI: First time ever a tea variety from Tripura was sold at Rs 12,500 per kg. The “Neermahal Brand” tea in Tripura is now set to make its way to Gulf and Denmark.

How are hand-rolled tea prepared:

Generally, after being plucked, the tea leaves are transported to the factory, where the manufacturing process begins. But in the case of hand-rolled tea, the plucked leaves are taken to the factory, but none of the above processes are carried out. To allow it to wither, the leaves are spread out in a thin layer. Tea is made by rolling each leaf and bud, or two leaves and a bud, gently in the palms of their hands.

Speaking to the media, Sumedha Das, the owner of Neermahal Tea said, “This is the highest price that Tripura tea has ever fetched. Earlier, the price touched the limit of ten thousand but this time it has reached Rs 12,500.”

This tea is exclusively prepared in the Pancham Nagar tea factory located near Kailashahar under Tripura’s Unakoti district being run by a cooperative society.

Sumedha Das Tweeted, “Handrolled Orthodox Tea of Neermahal Brand sold for ₹12,500 a kilo, highest ever for Tripura Tea, makes its way to the Gulf and Denmark. Special thanks to @Diganta20616914  for your support!”