Hailstorm hits Guwahati and parts of Assam


Guwahati: The People of Guwahati and adjacent areas were greeted today with a sudden hailstorm after a 15 minute heavy shower this afternoon turned the city into a winter wonderland.

Rooftops turned white in a matter of minutes and many were seen collecting the hail in buckets or whatever was available.

The city folks were celebrating Saraswati Puja in the city all of which came to a sudden halt

Heavy traffic was also witnessed because of the hailstorm causing much inconvenience to commuters.

No damages have been reported yet, however, the netizens have uploaded several videos and photos of the unusual phenomenon on social platforms. 

Meanwhile, the mercury plunged further across the region leading to even colder conditions due to the incessant rains.

The Regional Meteorological Centre located in Borjhar in Guwahati predicted light to medium rainfall across Assam and Meghalaya on February 4 and 5.

Apart from Assam, other Northeastern states are also expected to receive rainfall in the upcoming days. The low pressure region developed over the Bay of Bengal has created such overcast conditions.