Gynecologist in Guwahati keeps wife unconscious for 3 months


GUWAHATI: In a bizarre incident a practicing doctor has been accused of keeping his wife unconscious for three months in Bhupendranagar, Narengi. According to reports the doctor Gajendra Chandra Nath gave sleep inducing injections to his wife to keep her unconscious.

Nath had married in 2018 from Nagaon but his wife somehow came to know that he was earlier married twice. When she threatened to tell this to her in-laws the doctor started giving her injections that kept her asleep for three months. The accused Dr. Nath is posted in Nagaon district’s Ranathali Primary Health Centre as a senior medical officer of gynecology.

“We married in May 2018 and everything was okay. But I came to know that he has been married twice. He got divorced with his first wife and a court case is going on with the second one. Three months ago, when I found related images in the laptop, I told him that I will inform my in-laws. Then he started giving me sleeping injections. This continued for over a year and he also did illegal abortions at home as he is a gynecologist,” said the wife.