Guwahati’s COVID-19 survivor Manish Tibrewal suspects asymptomatic carrier behind his infection


GUWAHATI: Manish Tibrewal, the first COVID-19 patient from Guwahati who has won the battle against the disease suspected asymptomatic carrier behind his infection. In an exclusive interview with News Live journalist Pankaj Sarma, Tibrewal, a resident of city’s Spanish Garden apartment said that the source of his infection is still unknown.

“I went to Delhi on February 27. I took part in a trade fair in Noida and also visited Agra. I returned on March 1. After returning from Delhi, I visited Shillong only for half an hour for some works on March 5-6. Except that I have no other travel history,” said Tibrewal.

He stated that he has no idea about the source of his infection and suspected asymptomatic carrier behind the infection.

Tibrewal, a bronchial asthma patient started to feel ill from March 18. He had fever and headache on March 25. After consultation with a doctor friend, he kept himself under self-quarantine.

When his condition did not improve, pneumonia patches were found in his x-ray report on April 2. Following that he was asked to test COVID-19 at Gauhati Medical College and Hospital (GMCH). Tibrewal tested COVID-19 positive on April 3.

However with his positive attitude and indomitable morale, Manish Tibrewal finally recovered from COVID-19 and was discharged from GMCH. Tibrewal said that there is nothing to fear about COVID-19.

“When I got the result on April 3, I was not worried about myself. I was anxious for my wife, children and the people who came into my contact,” Tibrewal added.

“My pillar of strength is my wife. She supported me a lot,” Tibrewal acknowledged the courage and strength of his wife.

He also expressed immense satisfaction over the treatment and care received at GMCH.

“When I saw the medical attendants coming to me wearing PPE kits, I realised the difficulties they have been facing. I salute entire GMCH fraternity. When I entered GMCH I was like a time or an atom bomb. They were like bomb disposal team,” Tibrewal said.