Guwahati: Vandana Cinema Hall to become shopping mall


GUWAHATI: Guwahati’s iconic Vandana Cinema Hall located in Noonmati is shutting down permanently as a multi-storied shopping mall is coming up in the location.

People of Guwahati are sad about the decision as Vandana is one of the oldest Cinema Halls in Guwahati.

“We used to watch Assamese movies in this hall, we have many memories attached. I am sad that their owner is going to demolish it and make a shopping mall there. Even the people who were working there will be unemployed now,” said a local resident.

“There was a time we used to fight for tickets. At that time there was only a single ticket window in Vandana. So, the person with the strongest arm would only be able to get tickets. I still remember getting tickets doing that. Also, sometimes when we are late, we used to buy tickets in black. All those moments will be a memory from now onwards,” said Pranab Das.

It is to be mentioned that the film industry has been affected mostly during the lockdown as one after another cinema halls have been shut down in the city and the Cinema Halls are shut since March last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.