Guwahati: Panic at NEF College quarantine centre as person tests COVID-19 positive


GUWAHATI: There was panic and fear at a quarantine centre in Guwahati’s Lokhra locality after a person there was detected as Covid-19 positive. After the news got out, people lodged inside the centre started worrying at the NEF College quarantine centre. Several of the quarantined persons tried to break out of the quarantine centre out of fear.

The quarantine centre currently houses a total of 160 people. Such was the situation within the quarantine centre that health workers who arrived to sanitise it were driven away by those inside. The health workers were forced to leave without sanitizing the Quarantine Centre.

“After a positive case was detected at the NEF College quarantine centre the health workers were asked to sanitize the place. As the health workers started the sanitization process the quarantine inmates tried to break the main door’s lock to get out from the centre. The inmates have complained that the bathroom has not been cleaned for the past seven days,” said an official.
“We, from the sanitization team started the work from the ground floor and after completion we moved to the first floor where people under quarantine forced us to stop the sanitization work and we had to leave the building”, said a sanitization worker.