Guwahati: Leopard Trapped in Well, rescued by forest department


Guwahati: An adult leopard that fell into a well at Madhab Nagar on the fringe of Garbhanga Reserve Forest on the outskirts of Guwahati was rescued by forest personnel on Thursday morning.

According to the Assam Forest Department,  the leopard that fell into a 20-feet well in the wee hours, got trapped inside and tried desperately to keep afloat. Villagers were startled on hearing the roars echoing from deep within an open well. It turned out that a leopard was struggling to stay afloat in the waist-deep water and the effort had seemingly left it exhausted.

The local residents immediately alerted the forest department. The personnel arrived at the spot and successfully rescued the leopard after a couple of hours of operation. The leopard was then wrapped in a net and was carried into the deep forest and released back into the wild.