Guwahati: Landslide in Jatia, 4 rescued


GUWAHATI: A landslide triggered by the collapse of hill soil during guard wall construction in Krishnakanta Nagar, Jatia, Kahilipara was reported on Tuesday afternoon.

A police officer said that four people were nearly buried by the landslide.

The victims were working on the site when the landslide occurred burying 4 of the ten people present. Those buried by the soil for sometime were rescued immediately by the local people and no casualty has been reported so far.

“I was in my room and heard people shouting nearby. I came out and saw that there has been a landslide. The guard wall which caused the landslide was being built in a dangerous way. I don’t know if the construction had permission or not but authorities should not allow such risky construction,” stated a local.