Guwahati: Elephant dies of electrocution in Garchuk


Guwahati: An adult elephant was electrocuted and died in Guwahati’s Garchuk area on Sunday night. Animal lovers have been critical to the news of the over 4-feet tall elephant’s death after coming in contact with an electric wire.

People have accused the elephant department of negligence leading to the death of the animal. The elephant was 4-feet tall while there are elephants that are more than 9-feet tall, raising questions on power lines being at a lower height in an area where elephants frequent.

On Sunday, another report emerged of an elephant dying due to electrocution in Golaghat. The 18 year old elephant came in contact with an 11 KV live electric wire in Dholagaon region. Burn injuries were observed on the elephant’s body, according to the report.

A probe into the negligence of the power department is expected.