Guwahati: Elderly couple brutally murdered; one arrested, 4 detained


Guwahati: An elderly couple was murdered at their residence in Chandan Nagar area Survey, Guwahati. The couple was allegedly brutally murdered by robbers who barged into their house on the night of October 25, Monday.

The husband-wife pair have been identified as Noni Gopal Baruah (86) and Mina Baruah (76).

According to preliminary investigations, the house was entered in, through a shattered window. Multiple items were stolen and doors were found broken. In a bed, lay the cold bodies, in a pool of blood. A sharp object was used to hit the head, causing the death of the duo.

On October 26, Akash Choudhury, the caretaker of the elderly couple, was arrested.  His wife is also  being detained in suspect of the murders of Noni Gopal Baruah and Mina Baruah. Besides, two other suspects Satyendra Singh and Paresh Choudhury were also detained for interrogation. Singh was present at the victims’ residence on Monday night.

In the latest development, on Wednesday Guwahati police also detained two more persons in the elderly-couple murder case. The detainees were identified as Buddhdeb alias Babul and Joon Saikia. Currently both of them are being interrogated at Dispur police station.

As per reports, a sharp weapon was used to attack the elderly couple. They were found lying dead on their bed by the caretakers in the morning.

According to the caretakers, the grills of the window were broken and they suspected the murder occurred during an incident of robbery.

Meanwhile, the couple’s daughters have arrived in Guwahati.