Guwahati drains clogged with people’s garbage, causing artificial floods


Guwahati: As soon as it rains in Guwahati different areas of the city are inundated by flood waters. The city administration has tried almost everything from the book but has still not been able to control this annual menace of artificial floods. Much of the flooding is related to poor drainage and sewerage management and public apathy towards disposing of garbage and waste. Many residents regularly throw garbage and waste materials directly in the drains thereby clogging them when it rains suddenly.

For example, a few days ago in Guwahati, the road from Hatigaon High School to Bishnu Jyoti Path connecting Rajdhani Masjid Bhetapara got blocked due to accumulation of rain water. According to a local businessman Utpal Deka, the roadside drain pipe from Hatigaon Chariali to the high school is clogged with rubbish. As a result, the water carrying capacity has reduced and artificial floods are formed in the area even when there is little rainfall.

The existing infrastructure and drainage system in Guwahati cannot handle the excess water whenever there’s a good hourly downpour. Adding to it is the unruly throwing of garbage, waste on drains that have over time lost their capacity to carry water due to heavy clogging. This finally results in creation of artificial floods in various parts of the metropolis endangering many.