Guwahati: Dirgheswari Devalaya faces hurdles, ‘Helping Hearts’ extends help


GUWAHATI: A Guwahati-based NGO ‘Helping Hearts’ has come forward to help Dirgheswari Devalaya at North Guwahati which was facing hurdles because of COVID-19 lockdown. The temple was facing challenges as it has remained closed amid COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have closed the temple in the view of COVID-19 crisis. As there was no visitor so we had to face a lot of problems. There are 10 workers inside the temple. We need more than 6 tins of oil per month for the temple. We are grateful to ‘Helping Hearts’ for their help,” said a member of the temple committee.

The temple even faced challenges in lighting the ‘Akshay Banti’, the diya which is never put-off.

“Through News Live we came to know about the difficulties the Devalaya has been facing. So we have come forward today,” said a functionary of the NGO.

The NGO provide food and other necessary items to the Devalaya.