Gujarat: 12-ft long crocodile rescued from Vadodara


Vadodara (Gujarat): A 12-feet-long crocodile which had ventured into the fields in Raval village of Vadodara yesterday, was rescued on Sunday and handed over to the Forest Department.

The reptile had come from the Narmada canal solar plant station located in Raval village. Villagers use this canal to water their land.

“The engineer of the solar plant station of Narmada canal informed us at 10:30 AM about the presence of 12-feet long crocodile in Raval village. It took us 5-6 hours to rescue the crocodile,” said Hemant Wadhwana, wildlife rescuer to ANI.

The sight of the huge croc created ruckus among the villagers. They informed the Wildlife Rescue Centre. Wildlife rescuers had to face a lot of difficulty in taming the reptile. Later it was handed over to the Forest Department. (ANI)