Govt. will spend Rs. 1500 crore for Bodo community: President Kovind


NEW DELHI/GUWAHATI: “The Government will spend Rs. 1500 crore for the development of Bodo community,”said president Ram Nath Kovind in his address to both houses of parliament today.

Addressing the joint session of the parliament, president Kovind said, “The Central and Assam Governments have recently signed a historic agreement with the Bodo organisations to bring an end to the 5 decade-old Bodo dispute. With this agreement, a complex problem, that has claimed more than 4000 lives, has been resolved. After this agreement, the government will spend Rs. 1500 crore for the development of Bodo community.”

“Another landmark agreement between Tripura, Mizoram, the central government and the Bru community has not only resolved a decades-old problem but has also ensured a secure life for thousands of people belonging to the Bru community,” he added.

Speaking on the government’s initiatives to develop Northeast India, president Ram Nath Kovind also said, “Work is being done at an unprecedented pace in the North East to enhance connectivity, strengthen infrastructure and make people’s lives easier. As a result of these efforts of the government, by 2022, the capitals of Sikkim, Mizoram, Manipur and Nagaland will be connected to the rail network. The work on Agartala-Akhaura rail link is also progressing at a fast pace. In the year 2022, the construction of the new airport being built at ‘Holongi’ in Arunachal Pradesh will also be completed.”