Google explains why its apps don’t work on your Huawei device


WASHINGTON D.C.: If you have been flustered over Google apps not working on your Huawei smartphone, the search giant has an answer to that.

The company noted in its official blog that due to the US government placing Huawei on its Entity List on May 16 last year, Google is prohibited from working with the company on new device models or provide apps for preload or download on these devices.

The updated US law permits Google to work with Huawei on device models available to the public on or before the ban on May 16, 2019. However, on new Huawei devices, apps including Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Google Play Store, and others will not be available for download.

Meanwhile, Google has also advised against sideloading these apps. As it can’t certify new Huawei devices, sideloading of apps may hamper user security.(ANI)