Google doodle ready to enter New Year with fireworks and leaping froggy


New Delhi: With the world all set to take a giant leap into the leap year 2020, Google on Tuesday celebrated the occasion with a sparkling doodle featuring a leaping froggy.

In the new doodle, fireworks are seen filling the night sky and a special character named Froggy is enjoying in a celebratory mood with its bird friend, both wearing party caps.

Froggy the weather frog which commonly appears at the weather application of Google is indicating the chilly weather that comes with the onset of the New Year and also the leap of humankind towards another leap year.

Technology giant Google is known for introducing interactive and celebratory doodles on occasions, festivals and birthdays of global legends.

Earlier, a day ahead of Christmas, Google rolled out a new doodle titled ‘Happy Holidays 2019’ adding to the festive spirit.

The Doodle of the Christmas Eve showed a Crystal ball glass in which Santa Claus was seen sliding across a Christmas tree along with the traditional reindeer sleigh.

The reach of today’s New Year’s Eve doodle of Google is global. (ANI)