Giant Royal Bengal Tiger taking refuge near Umananda Temple finally tranquilized


Panic gripped devotees visiting the famous Umananda Temple in North Guwahati after an adult tiger was spotted swimming through the Brahmaputra on Tuesday morning and then taking shelter inside an opening between two giant rocks near the temple.

People travelling in a mechanised ferry first saw the tiger swimming across the Brahmaputra. The sight of the giant tiger crossing the river was enough to send panicked waves among devotees and the local people as police and the administration swung into action and closed the temple and devotees as well as the priests were sent to safer locations while also suspending moventbof ferries.

Forest, NDRF and SDRF teams soon launched an operation to try and tranquilise the big cat and take it to a safer habitat.
After an operation that lasted for around 5 hours, Forest officials were able to successfully tranquilise the giant tiger.