Garga Chatterjee apologises for insulting Chaolung Sukapha


GUWAHATI: Kolkata-based controversial political commentator Dr. Garga Chatterjee has sought apology to the people of Assam for insulting Ahom kingdom founder Chaolung Sukapha by describing him as a ‘Chinese invader’.

Posting a video on Twitter, Chateterjee wrote, “I express my unconditional apology to the people of Assam, the Tai Ahom community and to Honorable CM of Assam @sarbanandsonwal for any hurt in sentiment that I may have caused unintentionally through social media post.”

Chatterjee, head of “Bangla Pokkho”, a Bengali nationalist organisation said in the video, “I expressed deepest regards and respect for Swargadeo Sukapha’s exemplary role as architect of Bor Ahom, forging greater Assamese identity and the rich legacy of his dynasty and civilization that is part and parcel of our diverse and great Indian civilization.” 

On June 17, the associate professor at Kolkata’s Indian Statistical Institute had tweeted, “Why does @sarbanandsonwal regularly celebrate a Chinese invader and his invading army? Why does banned separatist group ULFA also celebrate the Chinese invader? Do real Indians know that Indian tax money is being used by BJP in Assam to put up statues of a Chinese invader?”

The remarks led to widespread outrage on social media among the Assamese community. Multiple FIR’s were filed against Chatterjee across districts in Assam. Subsequently a team of Assam police landed in Kolkata to apprehend him but went back unsuccessful. The Assam police accused their Kolkata police counterparts of non-cooperation. Following which a Guwahati Court issued a fresh warrant against Garga Chatterjee directing the Kolkata police commissioner to arrest him.