Gaming Ape Club is all set to fire up the NFT gaming arena


Gaming Ape Club is all set to fire up the NFT gaming arena.

There’s a lot to this play-to-earn platform which includes holder benefits, and upcoming integration into the metaverse.

Gaming Ape Club is a 3D NFT collection of 6,500 gaming apes, and it has been created to fill in the gaps that exist between traditional gaming and NFTs by providing an opportunity to its holders as well as integrating it with the Metaverse and play-to-earn communities. The team behind the creation of GAC has years of experience in the gaming sphere, including managing a few known eSports organizations like Optimal Ambition and OvertimeGG. The extremely knowledgeable team behind this project operate partnered Twitch gaming channels.

So, how does it really work? The GAC community members can get hold of GAC XP, which is an off-chain token which can be accumulated by actively participating, gaming and holding. Then there’s a marketplace called GAC Shack, which provides holders with tangible utility and benefits. NFT holders have an exclusive access to the GAC Shack, where GAC XP can be traded in return of whitelist opportunities, gaming products, NFTs, and giveaways. Furthermore, it has been decided that 10% of mint will be dedicated to provide play-to-earn opportunities for holders which include internal and external whitelist opportunities, products, and giveaways.

GAC also has big plans of giving back for social causes and have tied up with the Coalition of Parents in Esports (COPE), where it will contribute $65,000 towards esports and Web3 scholarships and grants. Holders will actively take part in the entire process. One holder will be selected to be the Spotlight of the Week, which will involve the community in the selection process. There will also be a Gamer of the Month who will also be zeroed in by the GAC community. Prizes will include gaming-related products associated with GAC partners.

The mint price of a single GAC NFT is fixed at .08 Ethereum at present, with a total supply of 6,500 NFTs. Those holding the GAC NFT will be a part of the Diamond District Program 24 hours after mint. Those who don’t want to be a part of the play-to-earn opportunities will be rewarded for simply holding their GAC, as their rewards and benefits will grow with their time of holding.