‘Gaganyaan TV-D1 mission successful’ after initial glitch, says ISRO


The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) today successfully completed the first in a series of test flights for a mission that will put India on the small and exclusive list of countries that can launch a crewed spacecraft by itself—Gaganyaan.

The automatic launch sequence began at 8.30 AM IST, but the mission’s ground computers halted the sequence after observing an anomaly, according to ISRO chief S Somanath. Since then, the issue has been identified, and the mission launched at 10 AM IST on October 21.

The Crew Escape System successfully separated the Crew Module from the launch vehicle. After descending using parachutes, it splashed down successfully in the Bay of Bengal.

The TV-D1 test flight was a crucial part of the Gaganyaan mission, which aimed to demonstrate India’s capability for human spaceflight by sending a crew of three individuals into a 400-kilometer orbit for a three-day mission and ensuring their safe return by landing in the waters of the Indian Ocean.
The test flight was to assess the mid-flight crew escape system of an early version of the Gaganyaan crew module.

The launch was streamed live on various platforms, including Isro’s official website, Facebook, YouTube, and the DD News Channel. This accessibility allows the public to witness this significant milestone in India’s space exploration journey.

The TV-D1 vehicle used a modified VIKAS engine with a Crew Module and Crew Escape System mounted at its front. It stood at 34.9 meters tall and had a lift-off weight of 44 tonnes. Its structure was a single-walled unpressurized aluminum structure with a simulated thermal protection system.

The success of this test flight was pivotal as it will pave the way for subsequent qualification tests and unmanned missions, leading to the realization of the first Gaganyaan program with Indian astronauts, expected in 2025.

The Gaganyaan mission represents India’s aspiration to join the elite league of nations capable of launching crewed spacecraft. With the world watching, Isro is ready to take a significant step towards achieving this goal with the upcoming test launch