Forceful donation culture must be stopped in Assam: CM Sarma


Guwahati: In an attempt to eradicate the ‘forceful donation culture’ from Assam, the state Government has decided to enact a bill to address the public grievances occurring due to collecting donations by use of threat or force.

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Tuesday said that the prevailing culture of forceful donation by various organizations will now be considered as a criminal offence and such activities would be construed as “criminal activity” and will invite strict action under the law

“Businessmen earn their living and also employ 10 others. The  government will not tolerate such acts of collecting forceful donations. I want to tell all such groups that the government will not sit back.” – asserted the Assam CM on Tuesday.

The CM informed that the government of Assam has taken the major decision to introduce a Bill in the assembly against the forceful donation culture practiced by many groups and organizations in the state. Such a bill against forceful donations will be introduced for the first time in the state to nab the culprits related to money collection by force and to act accordingly.

He also stated that in view of the growth and development of the state the investors from different parts of the country needs to come forward and to make a suitable environment for them the prevailing forceful donation act (chanda culture) practiced by groups and the majority of organizations in Assam must get removed. Therefore, the Assam government took the decision to bring in strict law against such crimes in the state so that the organization stops collecting money in the name of donation.

He further added that security forces will initiate strict action against all perpetrators who will be involved with such illegal activities.

“When the proposed bill against forceful donation comes in effect, if any person is caught collecting forceful donation then the assets of those individuals will be seized by the court and they will have to repay the victim,” CM Sarma added 

Its worthy to note that CM Sarma earlier while pointing-out such illegal activities clearly highlighted that such forceful collection of donations will further hamper the state’s development.

It may be mentioned that in the year 2021, more than 500 land brokers were arrested by Assam police while conducting aids in different parts of the state. Notably, by that time over 250 illegal FIR writing people were also detained by the police.