FIFA World Cup 2022: Saudi Arabia Football Players To Get Rolls Royce For Beating Argentina 


Saudi Arabia’s win over Argentina has brought a sensation all over the Nation. The crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Md. Bin Salman was seen celebrating the win of Saudi Arabia with his companions and family members. Earlier, the government of Saudi Arabia announced a public holiday on Monday just to celebrate the win and after that, the government of Saudi Arabia made another big announcement.

The government of Saudi Arabia has announced that every player of the Saudi Arabian national football team that was in Saudi’s win over Argentina is going to get a Rolls Royce Phantom.

The Saudi Arabian side after lagging behind 1-0  in their match with Argentina, made a sensational comeback and won the game with a score of 2-1.

Saleh Alshehri scored in the 48th minute and after that, a sensational goal from Saleh Aldawsari made their lead 2-1 in the game.

The green falcons are currently at the top of their group which is Group C. They will face Poland in their second match of the FIFA World Cup 2022.