Fearing COVID-19 tests 300 air passengers flee Silchar airport


GUWAHATI: Fearing quarantine and risking the lives of other people around 300 passengers who had arrived at the Silchar airport skipped COVID19 tests at the airport screening centre. Of the 690 passengers that arrived only 189 passengers did their COVID19 tests and six were found to be positive. How such a large number of passengers managed to skip the COVID19 test at the Silchar Airport has become a mystery. The Cachar district administration has launched an investigation into the matter.

“From our system at the airport more or less 300 people have moved out without testing. But the good thing is in the Silchar airport every person is traceable as they board and unboard after showing their identification cards. So, I exactly know who these people are, where they live and their phone numbers and email ids,” said an official.