Fake currency note printing machine seized in Lakhimpur


GUWAHATI: In a major success against fake currency note racket, Lakhimpur Police in two separate operations recovered a fake currency note printing machine and substantial amount of fake currency notes.

“In the first operation at Phukandalani, Doolahat, police personnel from Laluk Police Station apprehended Ainul Haque and Rashidul Islam along with fake currency notes worth Rs 18,000. During interrogation it was revealed that one Mumtazul from Bihupuria was involved in this fake currency note racket,” said Rajveer, Superintendent of Police, Lakhimpur.

The second operation was at Ahmedpur, Bongalmara where Assam Police recovered bundles of fake currency notes of Rs. 500 denomination.

“A printing machine and fake currency note worth Rs. 28,000 was recovered from the house of Mumtazul Islam during operation,” said Rajveer.