Drugs, psychotropic substances worth Rs. 4 crore 80 lakh destroyed in Morigaon


GUWAHATI: Moving ahead with the Assam Government’s policy of zero-tolerance against drugs and narcotics substances, the Morigaon administration burnt drugs worth Rs. 4 crores 80 lakh on Wednesday. The Drug Disposal Committee disposed of the seized drugs and psychotropic substances of 105 cases after observing necessary legal formalities, stated GP Singh, Special DGP Law and Order  through a tweet.


“The last destruction of drugs took place in 2016. The seized properties of 107 cases thereafter, that includes ganja, around 198 kilos, heroin 516 grams, brown sugar around 212 grams, around 83,000 tablets and 6300 cough syrup bottles are being disposed of today. The total commercial value would be around Rs. 5 crores,” informed Morigaon Superintendent of Police, Aparna Natarajan.

“As you can see, our war against drugs is ongoing at full swing. This exercise of the destruction of drugs in public is to give a message that drugs are bad for the society and this is also a message to drug traffickers, peddlers that we will have to eradicate this from our society,” added the Assam Police Officer.