Dressed up pets take part in Chennai Pet Fashion Show


Chennai: A day dedicated to furry glamour and style, pets wearing striking attires left everyone amused during the Chennai Pet Fashion Show on Sunday.

Elaborately dressed dogs and even a calf were among the animals who walked down the ramp during the show. It was a fundraiser event held to raise money for People for Animals (PFA) and other shelters that take care of homeless and street animals.

The pets dressed like kings, barmaids, superheroes, cops, and boxers. Some pets walked the ramp like a perfect model, while, others left their handlers with no choice but to pick them up and walk. Everywhere you look, there was a furry friend waiting for your aww!

“It is my privilege to be part of the Chennai fashion show. It takes lots of heart to do something for the animal cause. All of us talks about child abuse, women empowerment, but also to reach out to voiceless and to make them feel they are a part of the ecosystem is very important,” said a visitor.

It is the first time the pet fashion show was organised in Chennai. People seem impressed with the way the event was organised.

“This is the sky, my second son, participating in the pet fashion show organised by Jeffrey Warden. We are participating for the fun of it,” said a participant, while trying to calm his overly energised dog.

“This is Leo, he is an Alaskan Husk. He is participating in a fashion show for the first time. It is very well organised. He is wearing clothes by Richa Goenka,” said Vani, another participant. (ANI)