‘Don’t speak lies on the land of Maa Kamakhya’: Assam CM hits back at Kejriwal


Hitting back at his Delhi counterpart Arvind Kejriwal, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has asked the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convenor to stop lying on the land of Maa Kamakhya and also said that the situation in the northeast State is far better than that of the national capital.

“He (Arvind Kejriwal) said that his government gave 12 lakh jobs, how he can give this many jobs in seven years when there are only 1.5 lakh job vacancies in Delhi? Our situation is better than people of Delhi,” Sarma said.

He further said that he would write to Kejriwal over this and see if Delhi CM has the guts to reply.

He added, “Since lying is typically regarded as sinful on the land of Maa Kamakhya, I request the Delhi Chief Minister not to do so.”

“He has invited me to Delhi but I would like to say that I will go to the place where I want to go in Delhi and not the place he suggested. I will write a letter to him and if he has guts then he should reply it,” added the Assam Chief Minister.

The Assam Chief Minister also said, “It was most surprising when Kejriwal claimed there is no question paper leak in Punjab. Either he is lying or he is ignorant. Few weeks back, the class 12 board exams in Punjab had to be cancelled because of a question paper leak.”

Sarma termed his Delhi counterpart as a ‘coward’, saying, “Kejriwal did not raise the fabricated corruption allegations he made against me inside the Delhi Assembly in Guwahati today because his loose conscience would not permit him to get into trouble by speaking lies.”

The Assam Chief Minister said that he would write to Kejriwal for breaking up of 12.5 lakh sanctioned posts under the Delhi government.

Taking pot-shots at Delhi Chief Minister, Sarma said that he will visit Delhi to examine the development projects carried out by the AAP administration after accepting Kejriwal’s offer of a cup of tea.

The Assam Chief Minister said, “I have witnessed Delhi’s ugliest ‘Jhopris’ during election campaigns. Compared to Delhi, our Assam is heaven. In Delhi, about 60 per cent of individuals are damned to hell. Nothing, not even water or electricity facility.”

“Delhi’s Assam House is not the actual city. I accept his offer to take us on a tour of Delhi, but I’ll go to the locations where Kejriwal won’t. Just set up some facilities for me so I can visit those locations; I would prefer to use Google Map,” Sarma added.

The Assam Chief Minister also dared his Delhi counterpart to reply to his queries within 10 days in writing.

Kejriwal visited Assam with Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann. (ANI)