Discovering Europe: Five Hidden Gems To Explore On Your Next Trip


With so many countries to choose from in Europe, it can be hard to figure out where to visit first. Most people know about France, Italy, and the UK but have you considered discovering some hidden gems? Check out this list of five countries to explore on your next trip-


Nestled between France and the Netherlands, Belgium is often overlooked as a travel destination. According to Europe guide, this small country has a lot to offer, from its historic cities to its picturesque countryside. Here are five reasons why you should add Belgium to your travel list. Drive yourself around Germany – One of the many advantages of renting a car in Belgium is that it allows for you to drive yourself around Germany if there’s not enough time for that during your stay.


If you’re looking for a breathtaking European country to explore that’s off the beaten path, Montenegro should be at the top of your list. With its stunning Adriatic coastline, rugged mountains, and mediaeval villages, Montenegro has something for everyone. And because it’s still relatively undiscovered by tourists, you’ll be able to enjoy its natural beauty without the crowds. One of the best ways to see this country is through its biking tours, which take in both rural landscapes and spectacular coastal views.

There are also guided walks in some of the towns to learn about their fascinating history or outdoor activities like hiking up one of the mountains. You can even combine your visit with another holiday destination if you want – Croatia is just an hour away by boat.


Though often overshadowed by its more popular neighbours, the Netherlands is a country with plenty to offer tourists. From its stunning canals and windmills, to its lively capital city of Amsterdam, there’s something for everyone in this small European nation. With its convenient location and a rich and progressive culture, it’s the perfect place to start exploring the rest of Europe. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to the Netherlands.With so much to see, you’ll be glad that you rented a car. Drive yourself around Germany and make sure not to miss out on any of these great destinations.


If you’re looking for a country with a rich history and culture, Poland is a great option. Situated in Central Europe, Poland has been influenced by both Eastern and Western cultures. From the historic city of Warsaw to the stunning landscapes of the Tatra Mountains, there’s something for everyone in Poland. And don’t forget about the food. Polish cuisine is hearty and delicious, sure to please any traveller.


If you’re looking for a European country that’s off the beaten path, Albania is a great option. This small country is nestled between Greece, Montenegro, and Kosovo, and it offers a unique blend of Balkan and Mediterranean culture. The capital city of Tirana is lively and vibrant, while the Albanian Riviera is perfect for relaxing by the sea. And if you’re a fan of history, you’ll definitely want to check out the ancient ruins of Butrint.