Delhi’s first corona survivor recommends ‘pranayama’ for COVID-19 patients


New Delhi: The first person in the national capital, who has recovered from COVID-19, has suggested people infected with the virus to do ‘pranayama’, claiming that it is very useful in the course of recovery.

Delhi-based businessman Rohit Dutta, 45, said that pranayama, the practice of breath control in yoga, was very effective for him while being treated for COVID-19.

“I recommend pranayama for COVID-19 patients. It is very useful in the course of recovery. It helps in reducing anxiety levels,” he told ANI.

Dutta had returned from Europe on February 24. Later, he got mild fever following which he was shifted to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, where he tested positive for the virus.

“Immediately, I was quarantined. The hospital authorities did not allow me to go back home. I had everything which patients need in a hospital. I was the first patient in north India.

Every doctor and staff were well-groomed and they knew what they need to do,” he said.
The businessman recalled that he was taken aback when he learned he was detected positive for coronavirus. He urged patients to stay positive, trust the government and doctors.

“Ther is no need for being scared if you are tested positive for coronavirus. Stay positive, trust the government and doctors. In any disease, one needs to be very strong. As there is no medicine for COVID-19, doctors are supporting patients emotionally,” Dutta said.

Asked if he has seen any change in his personality during the COVID-19 struggle, he said, “I have become more religious after my recovery.”

He said that it was “really disheartening” that corona warriors are being attacked. (ANI)