Delhi youth makes face shields at home using 3D printers, contributes to fight against coronavirus


New Delhi: As frontline warriors make their best efforts to deal with COVID-19 cases, a 20-year-old youth from Delhi is making his contribution to the battle against the coronavirus in the lockdown.

Udit Kakar is manufacturing face shields at his home through 3D printers which can be used by frontline workers who provide care to patients.

“I am manufacturing face shields at home and I got this idea two weeks back as my mother required these face shields in the hospital as there was some shortage,” Kakar told ANI.

Kakar, who is pursuing Bachelors of Business Administration, makes 20-25 face shields in a day. He uses transparent A4 size OHP (overhead protector sheets) in the manufacturing process and elastic bands.

“We put design file in the computer software that makes code for the printer. We put file in the printer and it starts the printing procedure. The raw material heats up to 200 degrees and it prints layer by layer to the design that is fed,” Kakar said.

He is now getting contracts from laboratories and doctors across Delhi for his initiative.

“I have got around six contracts from laboratories in Delhi and from a few doctors. I cannot take orders from other cities or states due to lockdown. It is difficult to get the shipping done at the moment,” he said.

These face shields are used to protect health workers from cough and sneeze of patients. (ANI)