Delhi University lost over 35 teachers to COVID-19


New Delhi: In the last month, Delhi University has lost over 35 teachers to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Delhi University Teachers’ Union (DUTA), each college under the university has seen at least three deaths, between teachers and students.

DUTA Vice President Dr Alok Ranjan Pandey said the situation was worse for teachers employed especially on an ad hoc basis, and demanded medical facilities be extended to them as well.

“In one month, at least 35 teachers have succumbed to COVID-19. There are many colleges here where as many as three teachers have died. And given the situation of the ad hoc teachers, we demand medical facilities for them,” Pandey said.
“We are really concerned about the ad hoc teachers who have died,” he added.

The shortage of hospital beds in the national capital has further aggravated the situation, with many teachers having to go as far as Ludhiana and Jhajjar for a bed. Despite this, many did not survive.

“Just like vaccination centres, if a hospital with COVID-19 facilities could be built within the university, many lives might have been saved,” he added.

DUTA has written letter to the Ministry of Education and the Vice-Chancellor demanding jobs for at least one person per deceased family and medical facilities for ad hoc teachers.

Out of 12 thousand teachers, around six thousand have been appointed on an ad hoc basis in the University. (ANI)